Monday, November 19, 2007

2006 Upper Deck Future Stars Hobby Boxes (2)

Finally... a little bit of value! I attended the 2007 Chicago Sun Times show this weekend. With over 300 tables and some great auto guests, it's always a good time. I added Billy Williams' signature to my 'retired numbers' Cubs ball; and saw guys like Gwynn, Fielder and Glavine sitting nearby. I snagged 2 T-206 Cubs for my set (which is nearing completion) and a few mid-60s clean star cards. I also picked up a few boxes... 2 boxes of 1994 Flair Baseball, where I was able to pull 3 clean A-Rod Rookies; and 2 boxes of 2006 UD Future Stars. The UD Future Stars is a great value... every box pays off 5 AUs and you can get an 06 WBC Dice-K card in about every other box. I busted a few boxes earlier in the year, but the price dropped to a level that forced me to get a couple more. I was able to make a complete set plus the World Baseball Classic (WBC) set, in addition to some great singles.

* 2006 Upper Deck Baseball Future Stars Hobby Boxes (2)

* Price: $50 per box

* Origin: Card Show; Rosemont, IL


* Key Pulls: R. Clemens (Gold #/25), K. Uehara WBC (Gold #/25), Russell Martin AU (RC), Ruddy Lugo AU (RC), Jordan Tata AU (RC), Aaron Rakers AU RC, Eric Reed AU RC


* Key Pulls: Matsuzaka WBC, Y. Garlobo WBC (Black #/50), Sean Marshall AU (RC), Brendan Harris AU RC, Ben Johnson AU (RC), Bobby Livingston AU (RC), Jermaine Van Buren AU (RC)

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JRJ said...

How did you like the SunTimes Show? I've been to a few Mounted Memories shows with mixed results and I keep waiting for them to add new guests to their autograph pavilions.