Monday, November 19, 2007

2006 Upper Deck Future Stars Hobby Boxes (2)

Finally... a little bit of value! I attended the 2007 Chicago Sun Times show this weekend. With over 300 tables and some great auto guests, it's always a good time. I added Billy Williams' signature to my 'retired numbers' Cubs ball; and saw guys like Gwynn, Fielder and Glavine sitting nearby. I snagged 2 T-206 Cubs for my set (which is nearing completion) and a few mid-60s clean star cards. I also picked up a few boxes... 2 boxes of 1994 Flair Baseball, where I was able to pull 3 clean A-Rod Rookies; and 2 boxes of 2006 UD Future Stars. The UD Future Stars is a great value... every box pays off 5 AUs and you can get an 06 WBC Dice-K card in about every other box. I busted a few boxes earlier in the year, but the price dropped to a level that forced me to get a couple more. I was able to make a complete set plus the World Baseball Classic (WBC) set, in addition to some great singles.

* 2006 Upper Deck Baseball Future Stars Hobby Boxes (2)

* Price: $50 per box

* Origin: Card Show; Rosemont, IL


* Key Pulls: R. Clemens (Gold #/25), K. Uehara WBC (Gold #/25), Russell Martin AU (RC), Ruddy Lugo AU (RC), Jordan Tata AU (RC), Aaron Rakers AU RC, Eric Reed AU RC


* Key Pulls: Matsuzaka WBC, Y. Garlobo WBC (Black #/50), Sean Marshall AU (RC), Brendan Harris AU RC, Ben Johnson AU (RC), Bobby Livingston AU (RC), Jermaine Van Buren AU (RC)

Thursday, November 15, 2007

2007-08 Topps Echelon Basketball Pack

OK... this was painful. I stopped by a local card shop this afternoon to buy the latest Beckett Baseball. He had just recv'd the 2007-08 Topps Echelon Basketball... priced at $120/pack. He all but threw himself between me and the box when I looked at it. Nobody had opened one yet and he heard bad things about it. "Well... I'm going to be the one to pull a monster." I plop down $120 and got... garbage. Absolute garbage. Three base cards (#/999) and a 2nd Round Draft Pick Auto. The four cards might fetch $10 on the secondary market. I am used to high-end UD product offering poor value, but didn't expect it from Topps. Sick. I hope this weekend's convention offers some better results.

* 2007-08 Topps Echelon Basketball Pack
* Price: $120
* Key Pull: Josh McRoberts AU RC #/499
* Origin: Card Shop, Chicago, IL

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

2006 Topps 52 Hobby Boxes (4)

OK... two posts after I say I don't open cases, I bust a half-case of last year's Topps '52. Sue me. The four boxes yielded a good number of on-card AUs, but nothing out of the ordinary... no red AUs (SP), no plates and very few chrome refractors (#/552). I have 2 EXCH cards, which are disappointing since Topps takes forever to return exchanges (I still have several exchanges, sent in Jan 06, outstanding from 06 Bowman Sterling).

Here's the scoop on all 4 boxes:

* 2006 Topps '52 Hobby Boxes (4)
* Price:
$199.00 (roughly $50 per box, including shipping)
* Origin Of Boxes: eBay

* Key Pulls: Dustin Pedroia (RC) [HOT right now!], Cole Hamels (RC) Chrome REF, Emiliano Fruto AU (RC) EXCH, Boof Bonser AU RC, Scott Mathieson AU (RC)

* Key Pulls: Chris Mabeus AU (RC), Erick Aybar AU (RC), Angel Pagan AU RC

* Key Pulls: Dustin Pedroia (RC), Anibal Sanchez Chrome REF, Jeff Mathis AU (RC) EXCH, Edward Mujica AU RC, John Van Benschoten AU RC
* Key Pulls: Jeff Karstens AU RC, Bill Bray AU (RC), Josh Kinney AU (RC), T.J. Bohn AU (RC)
All in all, I suppose it was an average value. I got 13 total AUs, 2 Pedroias, several SPs and Chrome cards, and a few Chrome REF cards. I have a feeling the other half of the case is hiding a plate or SP AU.

Monday, November 12, 2007

2004 Bowman Draft Retail Box

* 2004 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects Retail Box (24 packs)
* Key Pulls: Matt Tuiasosopo RC REF, Chris Burke Futures GWJ, Clint Nageotte Blue Chips AU
* Price: $70.00 ($61.00 + $9.00 shipping)
* Origin Of Box: eBay

I was really hoping the first box on here wouldn't be a dud, but it appears to be the case. Unless Tuia... Too... ummm... Matt T. becomes a heck of a ML player, this likely goes down as a bust. I got nowhere near $70 of BV from the box, although the prospects are fun to check on periodically.
For future reference:
GWJ: Game/Player-Worn Jersey
GUB: Game-Used Bat
AU: Autograph
REF: Refractor
XFRAC: X-Fractor
SOTF: (dreaded) Signs of the Future

Why we're here...

Good afternoon, everyone. This blog is dedicated to the average baseball card collector... the guy (or girl) that buys a box at a time - not a case at a time or a pack at a time. From time to time, I'll have basketball box breaks, but you're not likely to read about football or hockey breaks here. I have no "ins" with Topps HTA or Upper Deck... all boxes are purchased at retail or third-party (i.e. eBay) prices. For each box opened, I'll list:

* Box Brand & Manufacturer (i.e.: 2006 Bowman Draft Picks Hobby Box)
* Key Pulls: AU, GW, RC, SP, etc. (i.e.: #8, Jered Weaver (RC) XFractor; #P6 Billy Rowell XRC Blue Refractor; etc.)
* Scans of Key Pulls
* Price Paid
* Origin of Box (Joe's Card Shop, Chicago, IL)

Lots to come...