Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I splurged on a tin of 2007 Sweet Spot Baseball at the same time I purchased the aforementioned box of BDP. Sweet Spot proved to be a decent value, which is a little more than I was expecting from a new UD product.

Price: $100

Origin: Card Shop, Chicago, IL

Key Pulls: Cole Hamels Glove AU #1/5; Andy Sonnanstine (RC) Helmet AU; Schilling GW JSY; Blalock GW JSY
SIDE NOTE: I normally don't bust a box/pack and throw it on eBay. However, I was so disgusted by the Topps Echelon basketball pack (busted in November 07, scans online) that it immediately went to auction. It sold for... get ready... one dollar.

2007 Bowman Draft Picks Hobby Box Baseball

BDP is, by far, my favorite bust of the year. Boxes are relatively cheap and the prospects are fun to watch, as they develop in to stars (and busts). I purchased a case that will be opened throughout the holiday season, and an individual box, which I opened today.

* Price: $58

* Location: Card Shop, Chicago, IL

* Key Pulls: Michael Main REF AU (#1 DP of the Rangers), David Price Chrome DP, Mike Moustakas Chrome DP, Tim Lincecum Chrome RC, Charlie Culberson Chrome DP BLUE REF (#/199)